YouTube videos about the 4T Trail:

The “Portland Family Outdoors” column on the “Craigmore Creations” website has a nice description and a few pictures of the 4T Trail.

Visitors to Portland, “Grated Expectations” walk the 4T

Birthday party on the 4T Trail

An excellent article from Via Magazine about Portland’s 4T Trail.

A fantastic writeup on the 4T, though instead of taking the train from downtown to the zoo, they walked it.

A short and sweet article by Nick Fish about the 4T.

Metro’s “Walk There” book includes a 4T writeup by the trail’s father, Don Baack.
A quality writeup of the 4T by The Intertwine.

The Oregonian’s article on the 4T’s opening.

An official PDF of the trail’s urban portion.

Realtor Leslie Jones’ tale of 4T, a reply and companion to The Oregonian’s 4T article.

Bryan Denson’s account of the 4T’s grand opening.

A PDF of the program from the 4T’s inauguration.
A Portland blog’s account of the trail — very positive.
A well-written summary of the 4T by a Portland realtor.

A Meetup group’s photographic journey through the 4T.

Another group’s photographic experience of the trail.
The Oregonian’s photos of the 4T’s opening.

The Bed and Breakfast Oregon Association’s 4T writeup.

The Northwest Portland Hostel notes the 4T as a great attraction.

A Transportation blog’s notes on the 4T, with a few photos.

Another site’s summary of the 4T trail.

A mom blogger gives her perspective of the 4T.

Another Meetup group’s photos from a walk on the 4T.