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Portland’s 4T
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The 4T can be started at any point along the loop. The four miles on hiking trails and the combined rides on the tram, trolley, and train take between three and four hours to complete. Near the trolley stop in front of downtown’s Central Library are over a dozen restaurants plus nearby food carts, so you can grab a bite after building a healthy appetite.

4T signs on the trail are green
4T signs on the trail are green

The hiking segment is roughly four miles depending on your route. Note:  The trail just south of the zoo and I-26 is indefinitely closed due to a landslide on the trail.  Please check the Tri-Met site for up-to-date information about the cost of a pass that covers riding the MAX Light Rail (the train) and Portland Street Car(the trolley). Check the Portland Aerial Tram for current prices on their round-trip ticket. Children 6 years and younger may ride free with an accompanying fare-paying adult.

Wear good shoes, as portions of the trail can be muddy during the wetter seasons. On the Train, Trolley and Tram, unless it’s a service animal, your pet must be kept in a carrier.

Note: The Tram does not run on Sundays in winter, or on national holidays. See www.gobytram.com for tram schedules and fares.

4T signs on the streets are brown
4T signs on the streets have directional arrows


The 4T is marked with interpretive signs at each decision point and bidirectional wayfinding signs along the routes, so you only need to decide where to start the loop.

Trail Guides

4T interpretive sign
4T interpretive sign

The following guides help you along the 4T’s routes, and enhance the trip with information about its sights, sounds, and landmarks. Just choose where you’re starting from and you’re good to go!



So, where do you want to begin? Here are the four main access points to the 4T and the sights you’ll encounter in either direction from each point:

Downtown:    To the Zoo by Train                     || To S Waterfront by Trolley

The Zoo:            To OHSU by Trail                        || To Downtown by Train

OHSU:                 To S Waterfront byTram        || To the Zoo via Trail

S. Waterfront:  To Downtown by Trolley      || To OHSU by Tram