Following are common questions about the 4T Trail experience:

  1. Which Direction is easiest to walk the trail?

A trip on Portland’s 4T can begin or end anyplace along the route, however, it is generally recommended to begin at Washington park and take the “Trail” portion to the SE first, as you will be walking downhill on the trail portion of the 4T, eliminating a long uphill trek.


  1. Where can I find restrooms along the route?

Public restrooms can be found in the following locations:

  • Washington Park
    • Oregon Zoo ticketing area
    • World Forestry Center Lobby
    • Portland Children’s Museum Lobby
    • Trimet Plaza
  • OHSU Campus
    • Many options available, and they are well signed
  • Downtown Portland Too many to list, however, a few are worth mentioning:
    • Central Library
    • Pioneer Courthouse Square


  1. Where can I find Drinking Fountains along the route?

Drinking fountains can be found at all of the restroom locations mentioned above.  In addition, be on the lookout for one of Portland’s famous “Benson Bubblers”, water fountains that are always flowing with some of the worlds finest water.


  1. How much does it cost to explore the 4T?

There are various costs for Trimet, depending on your age and whether you choose an hourly or all-day rate.  Your TriMet day pass is good for riding the TriMet buses, MAX Light Rail and WES Commuter Rail.  You may also use your HOP card for these.  For accurate fare information visit trimet.org/fares/  .

The OHSU Aerial Tram is separate from the TriMet services and has a separate fare for using the tram.  Visit gobytram.com/fare  for the latest information about fares for the tram.

If you start from Washington Park and wish to leave a vehicle in the parking lot, there is a parking fee per each hour you park  (more information can be found at explorewashington park.com)


  1. When does the Portland Aerial Tram Run?

Portland’s Aerial Tram runs Monday through Saturday from 6A to 8P.  Except for federal holidays.  There are occasional closures for maintenance, and infrequent service disruptions for windy conditions.  More information can be found by visiting gobytram.org


  1. Are the Trails Muddy?

During the rainy season (October through April) trails in the parks of the Pacific Northwest are muddy.   The amount of mud encountered varies based on the condition of the trail.  Generally, the trails on the 4T are maintained to a higher standard.  It is advisable just the same to wear supportive, and stain-resistant footwear while exploring the 4T.


  1. Is it dangerous to hike in the Forest?

It is generally considered a safe environment for hikers. However, common sense practices for safe hiking should be practiced.  This article from the Oregonian shares 15 tips for a safe hiking trip.


  1. Are the trails illuminated?

There is no lighting along the forested portion of the 4T.  All urban sidewalks, including Council Crest and Washington Park have streetlights.  The OHSU Campus and all of downtown Portland have adequate street lighting.  It is recommended to explore the 4T during daylight hours to ensure a safer and more scenic experience.


  1. Are there signs along the way marking the path?

There are signs throughout the 4T to help hikers find their way.  Also, we have developed an interactive map available on your smartphone to help.  Click here for download directions.  From the “Explorer” app, search for “4T Trail”


  1. If it is a clear day, What Can I expect to see?

Five majestic peaks of the cascade mountains are visible from the top of Council Crest and from the OHSU Campus.  In addition Oregon’s coast range rises to the west.


  1. If it is a Foggy day, should I take time to explore the 4T?

The views described above will be obscured fog, however, as Henry David Thoreau once said “the question is not what you look at, but what you see”.  So get on out there and explore the 4T trail and leave us a comment about what you see (and look at).