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Angela – June 15, 2014

Our family just completed the 4T Trail today in celebration of Father’s Day. It was fantastic, especially for our 3yo, who experienced so many thrills, he could hardly contain himself…

It would be nice if there was a comment page on this website, where people could post about their experiences, and any tips/tricks. For example, it would be nice for us to share that it took us more like 6 hours roundtrip with little kids, and to have more ideas for food (the carts aren’t really great for a 3yo and 1yo as there’s no place to sit down and eat with them contained and safe at the carts. Anyway, thanks for such a great experience – we will be telling our friends about this!

Mike – June 8, 2014

I’d suggest you link to or mention that sundays the tram is only open part of the year part of the day on Sundays.   Hours waiting are not all that fun!

Kristin – Feb 16, 2014

Our family had a little trouble yesterday finding the correct route up to Council Crest at the gas station because we too saw the brown trail sign past the gas station in one direction even though the 4T website had said to go another way. We had our 3 & 4 yr old along so we couldn’t run ahead and check out each way so easily. Once at Council Crest, we easily found the Wooded trail route but we too zigged & zagged a bit before finding our way. We would have loved to see signage saying, “Urban Route this way”.
Even though we chose a stormy day, the kids had a great time. I had remembered to bring shoes for later in the day & plastic bags to house their rain boots in later. I wish I had remembered and extra pair of PANTS, SOCKS & SHIRTS for the kids though. It was so windy that the rain got inside their raincoats somehow.
We had such a great time! The trails were very muddy, but rubber rain boots were perfect! The kids fell in the mud a few times so the extra pants would have been handy 🙂 Dinner in NW 23rd gave us time to dry out a bit and regain our energy.

Melissa – Feb 3, 2014

Thank you for sharing that this part is confusing. Would you be willing to describe how to know which trail is the correct one to take to stay on the 4-T?

Shawn – Jan 18, 2014

We are currently attempting the 4T trail and have for some unknown reason completely missed the Council Crest. We followed the signs and had some confusion at the gas station after you go up the hill because there are two signs on different streets both saying the SW trail but leading leading you down two different roads. I believe the trail could be so much better if they marked it a bit better. Oh and walking along busy roads with no path is just an accident waiting to happen.

Scott – Nov 15, 2013

We did the 4T loop yesterday Nov 15th. The signage worked well everywhere except at the top of Council Crest. It was not clear how to get from the 4 sided sign post at the top of Council Crest by the dog park to descend down! After going the wrong way and looping back to the Shell gas station we had to go back up and then asked a dog runner who pointed us in the right direction.

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