Videos about the 4T Trail:

Pages Dedicated to the 4T Trail:

SWTrails 4T Trail Page  – SWTrails is a Nonprofit organization responsible for maintaining trails in SW Portland, including the 4T trail

Travel Portland – Official promoter and steward of tourism in Portland.

Blogs about the 4T Trail:

Visitors to Portland, “Grated Expectations” walk the 4T

Birthday party on the 4T Trail

Way Out in the Margin: A Transportation blog

Articles about the 4T Trail:

“Trails, trains and Tigers: A totally Portland tour”, The Oregonian, July 2010

See Portland on the 4T Trail“,  by Commissioner, Nick Fish, Sep 2009
A quality writeup of the 4T by The Intertwine.

The Oregonian’s article on the 4T’s opening.

An official PDF of the trail’s urban portion.

Realtor Leslie Jones’ tale of 4T, a reply and companion to The Oregonian’s 4T article.

Bryan Denson’s account of the 4T’s grand opening.

A PDF of the program from the 4T’s inauguration.
A Portland blog’s account of the trail — very positive.
A well-written summary of the 4T by a Portland realtor.

A Meetup group’s photographic journey through the 4T.

Another group’s photographic experience of the trail.
The Oregonian’s photos of the 4T’s opening.

The Bed and Breakfast Oregon Association’s 4T writeup.