South Waterfront to OHSU by Tram

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Duration:          5-10 minutes
Website:            Portland Aerial Tram website
Operation:       Mon-Fri 5:30 am to 9:30 pm
Saturday         9 am to 5 pm
Sunday            Closed Sundays until next May
Holidays          Tram closed Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day
Frequency:     The tram runs every 6 – 10 minutes.
Trail head:      Directions to South Waterfront.
Tickets:            Visit the Portland Aerial Tram website for current fare rates
Ticket machines at lower terminal accept debit/credit only. Tickets may be bought with cash at the Lovejoy Bakery, a short walk away on the west side of Moody Ave.
Restrooms:     At OHSU at end of trip and OSHU Center for Health and Healing at beginning of trip.
Pets:                 Riders may take assistance animals, or pets that are in secure pet carriers, on the Tram.

Tram from OHSU down to the South WaterfrontTram

The tram segment of the 4T offers a birds eye view as it glides over I-5 and the Lair Hill neighborhood during a three-minute trip. The rise in elevation is 500 feet. Tram cabins travel 3,300 linear feet at 22-miles-per-hour
Getting on Tram

Tram leaving the South Waterfront
Tram leaving the South Waterfront

You will find the Tram station adjacent to the Trolley, by the OHSU Center for Health and Healing.

Because you’re riding up the tram, you’ll need to purchase a $4.70 ticket. Tram ticket machines at the lower terminal accept only credit/debit cards and quarters.
They do not accept paper bills or other coins.  During regular business hours, you can buy Tram tickets with cash at the pharmacy counter near the Center for Health & Healing lobby or at the Lovejoy Bakery, a short walk away on the west side of Moody Ave..  Children under 6 ride free. TriMet annual and monthly passes are honored as a ticket on the tram, but two hour or daily passes are not.

Tram does not run on Sundays during the winter (between Labor Day and May 18) and certain holidays. Check the GoByTram website for on Sundays and holidays.

Top of Tram at OHSU

4T Tram between OHSU and the South Waterfront
4T Tram between OHSU and the South Waterfront

The next leg of the 4T is the trail to the Zoo. Just outside the Tram platform are decks where you can get a panoramic view of the city and the Cascades.

If you have just departed the Tram and are not planning to do the trail to the zoo, then you can ride back down the Tram for free.

Or you can return to downtown on the bus.  The bus stop is just outside the OHSU buildings on SW Sam Jackson Park. Bus #8 goes downtown. Text 5028 to 27299 to get a text back telling when next bus is due. Buses run about every 15-20 minutes every day. If you have a valid Train (MAX) or Trolley ticket, you can use it on the bus. Tram tickets do not work on bus.  You can buy a bus ticket from the driver for $2.50.

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